Buying Guide: Industrial Style Furniture

Get ready to be inspired! Industrial style furniture is a timeless and versatile statement piece that adds character to any home. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or rustic and traditional, The Bespoke Carpentry Co. has got you covered with our Industrial Style Furniture buying guide. Learn how to choose the perfect piece of industrial style furniture today!

Industrial furniture

What is Industrial Style Furniture?

Industrial style furniture and decor takes the distinctive architectural elements of old factories and repurposes them into stylish, durable statement pieces. Think clean, striking angles and exposed materials like timber, metal and brick: these distinct designs come together to create a minimalist, function-over-form style of interior design. 

Key Elements of Industrial Style FurnitureReclaimed wood industrial furniture


Industrial style furniture often utilises thick, unfinished rustic planks of wood and reclaimed timber, reminiscent of the durable table tops that would have been needed in an old factory.

Using reclaimed wood means every piece of furniture is unique and you can see the individual characteristics of the wood. With industrial style furniture, the wood is often left unfinished and unpainted.

Exposed metals

Industrial style dining tables often combine the exposed wood with similarly unfinished metals to create a stark contrast between the two materials. A popular combination sees the reclaimed wood used as a strong table top whilst steel is used for a variety of bases, such as our Desk with Steel Hairpin Frame Legs or our Extra Wide 3" Chunky Wooden Dining Table & Bench


Strong, straight lines and sharp angles are often used in industrial design which increase their practicality, versatility and stability and provide a distinctive look.

Raw & stripped-back style

Industrial style furniture can often be recognised by the use of live edges, exposed nails and unfinished/unpainted materials. These elements supply a similar ambience to the exposed brick walls found in warehouses.

Industrial style furniture

Styles of Industrial Furniture

Industrial Rustic Style Furniture

Industrial rustic style furniture focuses on the unfinished, raw elements such as live edge tables and repurposed metal such as pipes and beams. Stripping or sanding down the surfaces of painted wood can achieve this rustic industrial look.

Industrial Vintage Style Furniture

Industrial vintage style furniture utilises materials such as leather and exposed nails. Salvaging and repurposing vintage warehouse or factory items such as pallets, trailers and equipment into dining or coffee tables is also a great way to achieve an industrial vintage look in your home.

Industrial Farmhouse Style Furniture

Industrial farmhouse style furniture combines large, thick, reclaimed wood table tops with strong metal bases. Live edges help to achieve this look, as well as lighter finishes on the wood - think oak rather than walnut. 

industrial rustic style furniture

Benefits of Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial style furniture is becoming increasingly popular due to its rugged charm and functional design. There are several benefits of using industrial style furniture, including:

Sturdy & Durable

From straight, sharp lines to durable materials, everything about industrial style furniture is sturdy and hard-wearing. Industrial style furniture is typically made from robust materials such as wood, metal and concrete, and therefore lends itself well to high traffic areas. For example, cafes and restaurants, as well as large dining tables in the home or conference tables in the workplace. 

Mix and Match Seating

Industrial style furniture lends itself to mixing and matching. You can dress up your industrial style dining table with velvet chairs or keep it casual with a bench. Additionally, you can even mix and match between chairs themselves - a great way to save money and keep perfectly good singular chairs out of landfill. 

Industrial style dining table

Trendy but Versatile

Popular with interior designers, industrial style furniture is definitely a trend in itself - however, the raw, unembellished pieces can be combined with other styles to keep the furniture from looking dated. Combine reclaimed wood dining tables with weathered leather and unique fabrics for a more vintage look or embrace the urbanist roots of industrial style with minimalist decor.


One of the best things about industrial style furniture is the freedom to tailor the pieces to your personal tastes or existing furniture in your home. You can paint or stain the wood or metal to brighten up your industrial style coffee table or TV unit, with a whitewash for the wood and a bronze paint for the metal to create a whole new look. Reclaimed wood colours

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Industrial Style Furniture?

The process of reclaiming timber keeps perfectly good wood out of landfill and reduces the demand for newly sourced timber, which in turn reduces the need for deforestation. Woods such as oak are very long-lasting, not only making reclaimed wood furniture a fantastic sustainable option for your industrial style furniture, but a sensible investment as well.


Cleaning and Maintaining your Industrial Style Reclaimed Wood Furniture

All of our furniture is finished with a hard wax oil, which we recommend you reapply at least every six months. This quick drying blend of natural oils and waxes offers exceptional durability, especially when followed by an application of a polishing wax.

When daily cleaning, make sure you use a gentle product which doesn’t strip the wood’s finish. A product formulated for wood with natural oils, gentle soaps and a neutral pH is ideal to prevent erosion of the wood’s coating, such as our Reclaimed Wood Cleaning Kit.


Why Choose an Industrial Style Furniture from The Bespoke Carpentry Co?

Every piece of our industrial style furniture is carefully crafted using the highest class of UK-sourced reclaimed wood. Full of character and wonderfully diverse, no two pieces are ever the same and come in a huge variety of woods and finishes. Additionally, because our furniture is handmade, we can personalise it to your exact specification.

The wide array of finishes available allows you to match your new piece of industrial style furniture to your existing sets. Or alternatively, create dynamic contrasts with light ash and dark walnut, or go for a more traditional feel with the warm hues of oak, or embrace modernity with a white wash. All our handmade reclaimed furniture is finished with a hard wax oil which makes it easy to swipe away spillages, and helps to make the furniture even more long-lasting.

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