Premium Care Kit

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Cleaning Spray:

Formulated with soaps and natural oils which will not damage or remove the existing finish. 

This product is ideal for daily cleaning and maintenance of all of our items since it’s rinse free, PH neutral, will not remove the exiting finish or leave dulling residue.

Tinted Hard Wax Oil:

This Hard Wax Oil is a blend of natural oils and waxes offering exceptional durability and resistance for items and areas subjected to a high degree of wear.

Produces a quick drying, natural satin/matt water repellent, tread-fast finish that will not peel or flake.

We advise all customers to upkeep their items every 6 months (use dependant) so they can maintain the quality and finish of the item.

A quick and easy process, simply apply with the soft cloth a layer of the tinted Hard Wax Oil and let dry for 24hrs. Apply another layer if you desire a more intense colour.

Polishing Wax:

Formulated to offer a white shade to stained or bare wood, this Supreme Polishing Wax produces a traditional ‘Limed’ finish, normally associated with period oak furniture. Fiddes Liming Wax is ideal for application on woods such as oak, or those which normally exhibit distinctive deep grain pattern.

On application, the Polishing Wax fills the open wood pores, offering contrasting white tone and emphasising the grain across the whole surface area, typical of a traditional ‘Limed’ finish. We use this Wax to finish all products and recommend applying it every 6 months on top of the Tinted Hard Wax Oil. Simply apply with the soft cloth and let dry for 24hrs.

Customer Reviews

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Norma McInally
Excellent Quality!

Excellent products for all care required to keep your furniture in top condition.

Cristina Sorlini

Perfect size, nice shape, neat lines. Overall perfect

Matthew Bennett
Water stain 😬

Messaged bespoke for advice and was giving help on how to remove water stain from my pride of joy table.. Use the stain and it worked and looked amazing even more so after a waxing 👌



Rachel Ward
Live edge dining table

Fantastic table. Beautifully made and very quick to respond to emails. Would highly recommend.

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