Every piece in our Premium Hardwood Collection has been carefully crafted using only the highest class of reclaimed hardwood. Durable and diverse in their finishes, a piece from our range of solid oak, ash and walnut dining tables will make a stunning addition to any room in your home.

Solid Oak Dining TableSolid Oak Dining Table
On sale

Solid Oak Dining Table

£820.00 £1,025.00
Solid Walnut Dining TableSolid Walnut Dining Table
On sale

Solid Walnut Dining Table

£1,016.00 £1,270.00
Premium Solid Oak Table and BenchesPremium Solid Oak Table and Benches
On sale

Premium Solid Oak Table and Benches

£1,144.00 £1,430.00
Premium Solid Walnut Table and BenchesPremium Solid Walnut Table and Benches
On sale

Premium Solid Walnut Table and Benches

£1,980.00 £2,475.00
Premium Solid Ash Table and BenchesPremium Solid Ash Table and Benches
On sale

Premium Solid Ash Table and Benches

£1,144.00 £1,430.00

Choosing Your Perfect Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood furniture can be a sizeable investment, so it’s important to understand which type of hardwood suits your needs before you purchase your perfect piece.

Consider the colour palette of your home - are the existing wood finishes dark chocolate and creamy brown, or do they feature more amber tones? Are you looking for a statement piece which contrasts with the current hues in the room or something to seamlessly fit in amongst your furniture?

Think about what style of furniture you prefer. Do you want something more rustic, or more refined? Traditional, or more modern?

Lastly, consider how much you’re looking to spend on your new piece of furniture. Some hardwoods are more scarce than others, making them more valuable and expensive.

Our Premium Hardwoods


Traditional ⎸Durable ⎸Light beige to dark brown

Our reclaimed solid oak dining tables are particularly durable, resisting dents, spillages and heat to make them perfect for the hustle and bustle of a family home. This resilience is born from the oak tree’s slow growth, which creates a dense, strong wood. Oak is very long-lasting, and by reclaiming this beautiful timber, we prevent it from going to waste in landfills.

Reclaimed oak has lots of character and generally provides a more traditional feel than walnut or ash. It’s a popular classic for a reason. Oak’s straight grain comes in a diverse range of colours from a light beige to a rich brown and often contains features such as rays or knots which make every piece unique. The wide range of colours and hues allows you to easily match the colour palette in your home, making oak a fantastic choice of hardwood for your new piece of furniture.


Contemporary ⎸Valuable ⎸Light brown to dark chocolate

If you’re looking for a reclaimed wood dining table with a more contemporary feel, walnut may be a perfect choice. Whilst not quite as tough as oak, walnut is still incredibly dense, durable and resistant to warping. It polishes to a very smooth finish and though the wood is generally straight-grained, it can sometimes boast waves or curls which enhance the individuality of a piece. These features make walnut a popular choice for a butcher’s block dining table where the hardwood can be showcased in all its glory.

Walnut is revered for its distinct colour palette, ranging from light brown to deep, dark chocolate. This, combined with the wood’s natural strength and tight grains, make it very popular with woodworkers and interior designers alike. Walnut is comparatively more scarce than other hardwoods, meaning furniture made from its lumber is more valuable.

Walnut makes a stylish statement piece. Its quality and value make it an ideal investment for a piece of furniture you’ll love for years to come, and buying reclaimed walnut furniture allows us to keep this precious wood out of landfill.


Versatile ⎸Contrasting ⎸Pale beige

Another durable hardwood, ash tends to be much lighter in colour than oak or walnut, and is fantastic for creating contrast in a piece of furniture when paired with another, darker hardwood. When cut from the heart of the tree, ash has its straight grain streaked with a beautiful, contrasting olive.

Ash is a very durable hardwood, resistant to scratches and dents, but unlike oak and walnut, ash has the ability to bend. Its innate flexibility makes it perfect for furniture with curves, but still has the density and strength required for straight-lined furniture like dining tables.

Unlike other hardwoods, ash can be stained without sacrificing the grain or texture of the wood. The wood has a beautiful finish, providing our reclaimed ash dining tables with a very smooth and uniform look whether you choose to keep its natural creamy brown or tailor it to your home’s existing colour palette.

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