Welcome to our Reclaimed Wood Cleaning, Maintenance Kits & Samples category, where the allure of sustainable living meets the charm of reclaimed wood. Keep your handmade reclaimed wood furniture in the best condition possible with our Reclaimed Wood Maintenance and Cleaning Kits. Available for each of our wood finishes including Belgium Grey, Antique Oak, Whiskey, Walnut and Dark Oak.

We bring you the essential products that allow you to maintain, protect, and showcase the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. Dive into our curated collection of eco-friendly solutions and sample the splendour of nature indoors.

Reclaimed Wood Stain SamplesReclaimed Wood Stain Samples

Reclaimed Wood Stain Samples

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Premium Care Kit

Premium Care Kit

Full Maintenance Kit

Full Maintenance Kit

Maintenance + Cleaning Kit

Maintenance + Cleaning Kit

Polish+Clean Kit

Polish+Clean Kit

Polishing Kit

Polishing Kit

Outdoor Furniture KitOutdoor Furniture Kit

Outdoor Furniture Kit


Discover the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Cleaning and Maintenance Kits

Reclaimed wood is a testament to timeless beauty. Each piece carries a history and character that new materials simply can't replicate. Our Reclaimed Wood Cleaning, Maintenance Kits and Samples empower you to be the steward of these treasured resources.


Why Is It So Important to Clean and Maintain Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Cleaning and maintaining your reclaimed wood furniture is essential for several reasons:

  • Preservation of Aesthetic Appeal: Reclaimed wood furniture often boasts unique character and charm due to its history and imperfections. Regular cleaning and maintenance help preserve this aesthetic, ensuring your furniture looks beautiful for years to come.
  • Durability: Proper care extends the life of your reclaimed wood furniture. Cleaning removes dirt and debris that can cause scratches, and maintenance (such as applying protective finishes) prevents wood from drying out, cracking, or warping.
  • Hygiene: Dust and dirt can accumulate on the surface of furniture, making it unhygienic and potentially aggravating allergies. Cleaning ensures a healthier living environment.
  • Preventing Stains: Accidents happen, and spills are inevitable. Cleaning your furniture promptly can prevent stains from setting and becoming permanent.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly, as it repurposes materials that might otherwise go to waste. Proper maintenance ensures you make the most of this sustainable resource.
  • Value Retention: Well-maintained furniture retains its value. If you ever decide to sell or pass it down to the next generation, proper care can help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular cleaning and maintenance can save you from costly repairs and restoration work in the future. It gives you peace of mind that your furniture will remain in good condition.


How to Clean Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Cleaning reclaimed wood is a straightforward process.  By using our range of cleaning and maintenance products and a few basic cleaning materials you’ll have your reclaimed wood furniture looking sparkling in a few simple steps.

  • Dust it regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the wood.
  • Be gentle and use a soft brush to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Dry the furniture thoroughly to prevent water damage.
  • Apply a protective finish like beeswax or wood oil to maintain the wood's moisture content and prevent it from drying out.

The frequency of cleaning and maintenance depends on factors like the environment, usage, and type of finish on the furniture. In general, it's best to establish a routine cleaning schedule and address any issues promptly to ensure your reclaimed wood furniture remains in excellent condition.


Cleaning and Maintenance Kits at The Bespoke Carpentry Co.

The Bespoke Carpentry Co. offers a range of cleaning and maintenance kits specifically designed to keep your reclaimed wood furniture in optimal condition. These kits are tailored to address the unique needs of reclaimed wood, helping you preserve the beauty and integrity of your furniture.

Regular use of these kits will help you ensure the longevity, beauty, and value of your furniture while keeping it in the best possible condition. Browse our collection of reclaimed wood cleaning and maintenance kits above.


Reclaimed Wood Stain Samples at The Bespoke Carpentry Co

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. we offer a reclaimed wood stain sample kit allowing you to choose the ideal colour and finish that suits your style and complements your interior décor. Each kit comes with a sample of each of our wood stains on a piece of reclaimed wood, letting you to see each stain in all its glory.

These stain samples are a valuable tool in helping you make an informed decision about the final appearance of your reclaimed wood furniture. By offering a variety of choices, The Bespoke Carpentry Co. allows you to create furniture that matches your vision and blends seamlessly with your home decor.

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