Why Use Handmade Furniture for Your Pub, Restaurant or Coffee Shop?

It’s true: mass-produced furniture is convenient. It is generally the easiest way to populate your pub, restaurant, or coffee shop with tables and chairs. However, is it the best way? We don’t think so.

Before heading to your local Ikea or another furniture store, here are the numerous reasons why you should opt for handmade furniture instead for your pub, restaurant, bar, or coffee-shop.

Unique Design

One of the top reasons to select handmade wooden furniture for your hospitality and catering business is undoubtedly the uniqueness it supplies. Commercially made furniture, understandably, has a cookie-cutter feel. It’s mass-produced to tick the box in certain categories for general purposes.

However, it’s highly unlikely they are ticking every box in the categories you require. Compromises will have to be made.

That’s not the case with handmade furniture. You are able to perfectly capture the vision you have in mind. You can acquire the tables and chairs that truly reflect your personality, that truly fit the space of your establishment. The result: a space that delivers the vibe and style that you – and your customers – desire.

The added bonus of handcrafted furnishings is that each piece is unique. You are able to add subtle or distinct differences that make it stand out from the crowd. Rather than look the same as everyone else, your business can catch the eye of guests for all the right reasons.

Personalised to Your Exact Specifications

Going on from the previous point, there are no limitations in terms of personalisation for handmade furniture. If you want a table or chair in a specific size or design, expert carpenters are able to make your vision a reality.

This is particularly beneficial when it comes to the shape and dimensions of your furniture. Whether you require a diminutive two-person round table, an elongated bar stool, or a large 16-person banquet table, it can all be handmade to your exact specifications.

The personalisation also goes beyond dimensions. You are able to incorporate the colours, textures, and other finishing touches that match your specific tastes – no matter how eccentric. If you want a large walnut coloured tabletop that’s sat on some hot pink steel legs, that is possible.

handmade wooden furniture for pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops

Added Quality

Arguably the biggest reason to go down the handmade route for your bar, restaurant or coffee shop furniture is the extra quality it supplies. If you select a reputable handmade furniture producer – like The Bespoke Carpentry Co. – there’s no need to worry about any concessions to the quality.

Knowing that customers are seeking a product that isn’t just beautiful but also built to last, carpenters make use of the best quality materials available. Add in the extra time and care that goes into producing finished pieces, and handmade furniture goes up another level compared to their machine-produced counterparts.  

Commercially made furniture is not done with the same care or attention. After all, manufacturers want to avoid producing items that deliver a lifetime guarantee. They seek something that will require replacement after a few years, so they can continue to rack up more sales in the future.

Long-term Value

It’s no secret that handmade furniture generally comes with a bigger price tag. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to go with mass-produced furnishings – particularly for commercial purposes where multiple seating areas are required.

However, it’s important not to be fixated on the short-term costs. Instead, you should be focused on the long-term value that handmade furniture supplies. Due to the superior quality that’s typically delivered, you can expect handcrafted furnishings to be more durable and resilient to heavy-duty wear.

Because of this, handmade furniture tends to last a lot longer overall. This then delivers long-term value for your business. You won’t have to replace tables and chairs after just a few years due to wear and tear. By investing early, you can save money in the long run.

handmade pub garden furniture

Adapt to The Situation

Whether you run a pub, restaurant, café, or other such establishment, it’s unlikely the premises will be exactly to your specifications. The space could be on the small side, for example, or it may feature odd angles that are difficult to negotiate in terms of furnishings.

With handmade furniture, it’s possible to adapt to the situation. If you’re working with limited space, you are able to produce intimate yet practical seating areas. If the premises is home to oddly-shaped corners and nooks, it’s possible for furniture to be crafted that seamlessly fits into place.

By being able to adapt in this way, you have the potential to maximise your space. Not only does this mean you can create a more comfortable space for patrons, but it also ensures you can welcome more people at any given time.

Help Out The Environment

Does your business place a heavy emphasis on sustainability? The push to go green shouldn’t only be based on the processes and products you dish up. It should also extend to the products you use – and that includes your furnishings.

When manufacturing our handmade furniture, we use reclaimed timber and other recycled materials. This assists us in our efforts to protect and support the environment, where deforestation isn’t required to gather new timber for furniture.

By extension, your company is also helping out the environment. Rather than selecting mass-produced products that don’t incorporate the same sustainability principles, you can take the handmade approach and boost your own green initiatives.

Support Local

There are not only direct benefits gained from purchasing local handmade furniture for your business. It is also beneficial in supporting both the local and UK economy.

By purchasing mass-produced furniture, you end up pouring cash into international organisations. By opting for handmade creations, this money is instead directed to local businesses. It’s not just those handcrafting your furniture, either. We only source local materials to ensure the UK economy is further supported.

As you are aware, it is more important than ever to help the local economy. You are able to play an important role in keeping local establishments up and running.


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