How to Style your Reclaimed Wood Dining Table at Christmas

At Christmas, the dining table is always a hive of activity, whether it’s your workshop of choice for present-wrapping, a place to play board games or the site of the grand Christmas Day meal itself. Deciding how to style your reclaimed wood dining table can be overwhelming, but luckily, we’re here to help!

Reclaimed wood dining table at ChristmasSource: Lights4Fun

Consider your Table

Traditionally, many dining tables begin their Christmas makeover with a tablecloth draped over them. But we’re throwing that out of the window this December: it’s time to enhance the beauty of your table, not cover it!

First of all, consider the colour palette of your table. Is it a soft cream like our Premium Solid Ash Table, or a deep chocolate like our Premium Solid Walnut Table? Does it have warmer hues like our Solid Oak Dining Table, or cooler like our Whitewash Table?

Styled for Christmas Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Table runners are ideal for highlighting your centrepiece without hiding the natural beauty of the wood. If you’re not keen on using lots of ornaments to decorate your table, a more detailed table runner would be a good choice. A dark, luxurious runner will add contrast to a lighter table, whilst a neutral runner will do the same for a darker wood.

Complementary placemats and coasters will further protect your table from splashes of gravy and steaming hot plates of sprouts. Choosing fabric placemats in the same style as your table runner can help create uniformity, particularly on larger tables styled with more neutral tones. Gold or silver placemats can add some luxury to your table setting, and you can go for something intricate if your table runner is less so. Rattan placemats are great for a more rustic vibe!

Source: Lakefront Farmhouse

Embrace NatureGorgeous Christmas Dining Table

Once you’ve created the base for your table decor, you can start to get creative. Symmetry is key to making any dining table look polished, so it’s a great idea to start with the centrepiece. 

We aren’t short of festive plants to choose from when decorating for Christmas, and your reclaimed wood dining table will marry beautifully with the natural greens of pine, holly and mistletoe. A pine garland table runner is a great way to add depth to more neutral decorations, filling any empty space without overwhelming other elements. Buy one ready-made, or get creative and make your own! 

If you’d rather your table runner take centre stage, add green to your setting with some miniature Christmas trees. Bright red holly berries can add a pop of colour - nestle them amongst the foliage or place them in glass candle jars with sprigs of mistletoe. To marry modernity with nature, look for frosted foliage - the snowy neutrals will keep your setting more monochromatic. 

Source: The DIY Mommy

Christmas Dining Table

Merry & Bright

Lights and candles create a cosy ambience around the dining table, making it feel extra special. A candle makes a classic centrepiece when paired with a small wreath, and tall tapered candles will add height to your setting. Choose trendy, brass candlesticks or more dainty, glass holders to complement your overall theme. 

Little light-up Christmas figures can add some personality to your décor, without sacrificing style. A light-up star can also make a great centerpiece. Fill glass bottles or jars with tiny, battery-powered fairy lights, or hide their wires amongst your centerpiece to light it up as if by magic. Alternatively, get hold of a pre-lit Christmas garland


 Bold and Bright Christmas Dining Table

Christmas Crockery

If you’ve chosen an eye-catching colour for your placemats, a monochrome set of crockery can complement it and prevent your table from looking overcrowded. More understated placemats give way to bolder dishware or napkins

Your guests will need something to wash down their Christmas lunch, so you’ll need to set the table with some glasses. Choose between humble tumblers or iridescent glassware which provides your setting with an air of opulence.

Novelty Christmas glasses are fun and can still be stylish if done right, like these festive glass tumblers , or you can stick to something simple and accessorise with some wine glass charms instead!

Source: John Lewis

Christmas Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Out with a Bang

A Christmas table wouldn’t be complete without Christmas crackers! Create contrast with your plates by matching the colour of your crackers to your placemats, or vice versa. This is a great place to take advantage of the fun designs available, as your crackers will only be sitting on your table for a short while before they go bang! 

Keep it simple with gold or silver, but there’s nothing quite as cute as little gingerbread men. Go eco-friendly with some recyclable Christmas crackers or charity-made ones which forego the usual plastic trinkets with tasty chocolate.

Source: Nancy & Betty


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