Why Buy British Handmade Furniture?

At The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we believe furniture should be handmade from local materials to support the local economy and minimise environmental impact. This is why our reclaimed wood furniture is all handmade in the heart of Dorset using traditional joinery techniques.

As one of only a few UK manufacturers still producing high-quality, long-lasting bespoke furniture on British soil, we want to share our reasons for buying British handmade furniture, and hopefully convince you to do the same!

British made furniture


You’re Guaranteed High-Quality Furniture

Arguably the best part about buying handmade furniture is the quality you’re guaranteed. British handmade furniture is lovingly crafted from high-quality resources with an exceptional attention to detail by experts who take pride in their work, and often using traditional skills which could otherwise be lost to an industry full of mass-producing machines. 

 British companies must also adhere to the UK’s strict manufacturing standards, which means they’re guaranteed to be providing high-quality products made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials. 



It’s Better for the Environment

The distance from Southampton to Liverpool is much shorter than from Shanghai to London, with fewer modes of transport needed to get a product from the factory to your doorstep. Buying British handmade furniture reduces the carbon footprint of your purchase, and ensures the entire manufacturing process is in line with the UK’s industrial emissions standards

British handmade furniture is also built to last, meaning less broken furniture goes to landfills.

Sustainable sourced wood

You’ll be Supporting the British Economy

When you buy handmade furniture from British businesses, you’re investing your money back into the UK economy. Allowing money to circulate throughout domestic industries strengthens the economy, as well as helping to preserve and create jobs in the local community. 

You Can Customise Your Order

Customisation is key when furnishing your house, whether you have an exact colour scheme you’d like to match with your sofa or an awkward nook in your kitchen where you’ll be putting your dining table. Handmade furniture is often made to order, so companies provide lots of customisation options so you can order products bespoke to your needs, from colour to material to size. 

This also means you’ll be enjoying a bespoke piece of furniture totally unique to you. 

British handmade furniture

You’ll Receive Your Items More Quickly

Waiting for a purchase to arrive at your home can be frustrating, especially if it means you’re watching television from the floor or eating dinner off of your lap. Lead times on furniture bought from overseas can be especially tedious due to long distances and various laws and regulations. 

If you buy handmade furniture from a British company, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your new purchase. On top of that, it is much more simple to process any returns and issues such as damaged items can be rectified more quickly and easily.

Dorset based workshop

It’s The Ethical Choice

The UK’s manufacturing standards also extend to regulation of workplaces, so when you buy British, you know your furniture has been built by fairly treated individuals in a safe and secure environment. The UK has strict laws to protect employees and it’s easy to forget this isn’t the case everywhere. UK standards also state that materials used by British companies must be ethically sourced, so you know the entire process has been an ethical one.

Furniture made in Britain

Buy British Handmade Furniture with The Bespoke Carpentry Co.

At The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we use hand-selected, genuine reclaimed wood, with every single one of our pieces, lovingly crafted to be entirely unique. Our experienced carpenters take the history-immersed timber and rework it into a stunning handcrafted piece of furniture, completely tailored to your requirements; providing you with a piece which fits right into your home and will reliably serve you and your family for years to come.

To get started, browse our range of British made furniture online, or alternatively give us a call on 01305 849386 or fill out our contact form, if you're looking for something extra special.

Handmade British Furniture

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