10 Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Timber Furniture

reclaimed wood furniture

What is Reclaimed Timber Furniture?

Reclaimed timber furniture is any type of furniture that has been created or refurbished using high-quality, recycled wood that was once used for a different purpose. It’s fast becoming a popular addition many homes, and today we wanted to shed light on this topic and explore some of the main reasons as to why people choose reclaimed timber furniture.

A New Design Approach

Modern architects and designers are increasingly turning their sights on reclaimed timber furniture. In combination with other components, it gives uniqueness to modern dwellings for both interior and exterior as well as decorations.

As an example, walnut parquet - popular at the end of the last century, has evolved from a shabby element of chic into a material that emphasizes individuality. Homeowners are now turning to reclaimed timber to bring a new sense of uniqueness into their homes.

You Can Create Reclaimed Timber Furniture Yourself

Many people love to build their own furniture, and luckily with reclaimed timber, that can be made possible. To create that ‘weathered’ look on your timber surfaces, you can:

  • Grind: remove dark spots, chips, cracks, and other defects.
  • Paint: for simplicity, use the most inexpensive paints and enamels (don’t forget to remove any old coating)
  • Toning and varnishing: this eliminates rough, tree-like textures.

Environmentally Friendly

The whole essence of ‘reclaimed timber’, is that it is a long-lasting preserved material. By choosing reclaimed wood furniture, we can protect the natural environment through the reduction of deforestation and the reclamation of existing timber. The sustainability factor turns reclaimed timber into one of the most sought-after materials today for environmentally friendly furniture.

High-Quality and Durable

Over time timber can simply rot and turn into dust, but when it’s carefully looked after and stored correctly it becomes a high-quality and durable material.

Reclaimed timber furniture uses environmentally friendly processing, which makes it stronger, denser, and more reliable than conventional furniture. It is practically not affected by moisture, and from the influence of other external factors, it only becomes more textured.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Well-restored wood can look like it’s new without being associated with a cottage or rustic style. It has passed the test of time, dried out perfectly, and after careful reclamation, it looks naturally pleasing to the eye.

It’s Versatile and Adaptable

Reclaimed timber is a multi-faceted material that can be paired with a variety of other materials and design elements, making it a an extremely versatile material for creating furniture.

Many of our pieces of reclaimed timber furniture is paired with metal legs to create a striking and bold look, perfect for a contemporary home. Houses are becoming unified, and individualism is no longer an affordable luxury. That is why we use reclaimed timber with other materials to create furniture that can bring charm into your home.

An Up-and-Coming Trend

Lately, there has been a trend in the interior design of houses and apartments which depersonalises comfort and individuality. Reclaimed timber furniture can help correct this by bringing a special warmth and elegance to your home, creating a European-style renovation, and evoking memories of rural holidays.

A Way to Save Money

Money is a big factor when it comes to buying furniture for your home. Luckily with reclaimed timber furniture, we are dealing with existing wood that has been used before, making it a cheaper (but more valuable) alternative to regular, new wood.

A New Style for Your Home

Unique furniture created from reclaimed timber can freshen up the design of your home and give it an entirely new style.

The aesthetic expression of individuality can be projected through the ceiling beams, unusual chests, drawers, fragments of furniture, and other decorative elements.

You can Restore Old Furniture to Perfection

Restoring old timber can be a fun and rewarding process if you know the ins and outs of reclaimed timber furniture. In addition, this is great to do when you don’t want to throw away valuable items that carry historical and personal value.

The right balance of modern design and the warm, rustic essence of reclaimed timber furniture can help you create your own interior that perfectly matches your lifestyle and personality.

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