Benefits of Choosing a Solid Wood Coffee Table


Square Hairpin Leg Solid Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Few elements can match the charm and functionality of a well-crafted solid wood coffee table. As the centrepiece of your living room, a coffee table is more than just a place to put your drink (or feet) - it sets the tone for your entire space. Solid wood coffee tables stand out for their combination of beauty, durability, and versatility. 

Whether you're drawn to rustic oak or the rich tones of walnut, a solid wood coffee table is an investment in style and quality. In this blog, we'll be sharing some of the benefits of choosing a solid wood coffee table, including how it can offer lasting durability and even contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Solid Wood Coffee Tables are Stylish

Solid wood coffee tables have a classic, timeless style that can fit a variety of aesthetics thanks to their ability to hold various stains and finishes. Cool-toned finishes like Belgium Grey are a fantastic choice for industrial or minimalist coffee tables, whilst stains like dark oak and walnut bring a layer of sophistication to your living room. For more ideas and inspiration regarding your table’s finish, view our full Finish & Colour Guide as well as our Guide to Stained Wood Furniture.

Solid wood coffee tables can be made with different features such as live edges for a more rustic vibe and metal frames or legs for an industrial style. 


Rustic Solid Wood Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

They’re Durable

One of the most significant advantages of a solid wood coffee table is its durability. Well-crafted and properly cared for solid wood pieces can last for generations, maintaining their beauty and functionality throughout the years. They are less prone to wear and tear compared to furniture made from inferior materials, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable furniture experience. Whilst solid wood furniture is usually associated with a higher upfront cost, it will last you years - saving you money in the long run.

Materials like veneer and MDF are far less durable options, and these are the materials you’ll usually receive when buying a cheap coffee table online, even if it looks like solid wood. If the cost is too good to be true, it probably is! Veneered coffee tables consist of thin slices of wood glued onto a core board. While this method can make use of beautiful, exotic woods without the same cost as solid wood, the furniture is less durable and can chip or peel over time. MDF furniture, made from compressed wood fibres, is also cheaper but lacks the strength and longevity of solid wood. Additionally, it doesn't carry the unique, attractive grain of solid wood, and any damage is often permanent.

They’re Sustainable

Solid wood furniture is an environmentally friendly choice compared to mass-produced, composite furniture. Wood is a renewable resource, and responsible sourcing and forest management ensure its sustainability. By investing in solid wood furniture, you contribute to the preservation of natural resources and minimise your carbon footprint. 

All wood used at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is reclaimed timber and therefore no trees have been felled to make your solid wood furniture. Instead, all of our wood is sourced from reputable local reclamation experts, keeping it out of landfill. This makes our solid wood furniture extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Handmade New England Style Solid Wood Coffee Table

Each Solid Wood Coffee Table is Unique

Wood is a natural material. When you buy a solid wood coffee table made from proper, real wood, it’s built from something that isn’t man-made - it was grown. And like anything that is grown, the solid wood used in your coffee table won’t be identical to any others, with differences in grain, colours, and texture. In a world where almost everything is mass-produced, this can be a real positive. 

The individuality of a solid wood coffee table is amplified even more when using reclaimed wood, which has picked up marks from its previous life. Cracks, scuffs, open grain, old nail holes, saw marks, hammer indents, historic paint and rust traces are common characteristics which bring the wood to life, even after they have been reclaimed, sanded down, stained, and made into furniture.

They’re Easy to Maintain and Repair

It’s easy to keep solid wood coffee tables looking beautiful for longer than tables made from less forgiving materials. Small areas of damage, like chips or cracks, can often be fixed through sanding, filling, or waxing - you won’t have to live with the damage or buy a new table to replace it. Accidents happen, especially in a busy home environment, so this is a huge benefit.

Like with any piece of furniture, dust and dirt can build up on the surface of your coffee table, and regularly dusting your table with a soft, dry cloth is all you need to keep it looking great day-to-day. Less frequently, you should perform a deeper clean with a damp cloth and mild soap - avoid using any harsh chemicals as these can damage the wood. 

After a deep clean, we recommend applying a hard wax oil. All of our furniture is finished with this protective, water-repellent product, and we suggest this is reapplied at least every six months. This quick drying blend of natural oils and waxes offers exceptional durability, especially when followed by an application of a polishing wax.

Other ways of ensuring your solid wood coffee table lasts as long as possible include:

  • The avoidance of direct sunlight or heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators where possible - these can cause the wood to warp
  • The use of coasters to prevent water stains from forming on the surface of the wood
  • Keeping your table in a stable environment - wood expands and contracts based on the level of humidity or the temperature

Solid Wood Coffee Tables From The Bespoke Carpentry Co.

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. we offer a beautiful range of solid wood coffee tables that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of natural materials. Each table is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their work, ensuring you get a product that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

To get started, browse our range of pre-designed solid wood coffee tables online, give us a call on 01305 849386 or fill out our online contact form.

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