Buying Guide: Country & Farmhouse Style Dining Tables

Country and farmhouse style dining tables offer versatile dining and functional workspace, which is why they have really risen in popularity over the last few years. However, what is country and farmhouse style, what are the key features of a farmhouse dining table and what benefits they offer.


What is Country & Farmhouse Style?

Country and farmhouse style is about using natural materials to create a rustic and country-inspired home. This is often achieved with the use of rustic, reclaimed wood, and time-distressed materials to give an intentionally aged look. It has grown in popularity over recent years because of it ability to bring warmth and cosy feelings into the home, as well as being extremely versatile, practical and functional. You can also easily mix farmhouse style with industrial or traditional décor to make a space unique to you.

Country and farmhouse style

What is a Farmhouse Dining Table?

A farmhouse dining table offers a rustic and welcoming feel, as well as a touch of nature, and embeds itself into the home, like it has always belonged. All farmhouse tables come with a chunky wood tabletop; however the legs have changed over the years. More traditional tables feature wooden spindle legs, whereas the modern take on farmhouse tables make use of other materials, such as steel and iron.

One of the many benefits of a farmhouse dining table is that it is practical as well as stylish; meaning you can have a piece of great looking furniture in your home, even though it needs to withstand heavy, and often messy usage.  


Key Elements of a Farmhouse or Country Dining Table

Whether it’s a family dinner or homework time, a farmhouse dining table will offer the perfect base. However, there are a range of key elements which define a farmhouse or country dining table.

  • They’re heavy – Due to the fact that farmhouse tables are made from chunky solid wood, they are nearly always heavy. Then combined with solid wood or metal legs, a farmhouse dining table can weigh much more than other tables. Although this may be seen as a disadvantage for those looking for something a little more lightweight, it does make a farmhouse table extremely sturdy and durable. Overall, this feature makes a farmhouse dining table a great option for families with children.
  • The base is flexible – although the tabletop is pretty set in its style, the base of a farmhouse dining table is much more flexible. Pretty much any style of legs can be used, and you can still achieve that country or farmhouse look. So whether you’re looking for A-frame, hairpin, square, trapezium or maybe X-frame, there is something for everyone.
  • They’re practical – going back many years, a farmhouse style dining table wasn’t just an interior design choice, it was a way of life. A farmhouse required practical pieces of furniture that had a purpose. For example, the dining table needed to be large, with a solid tabletop that would last a long time, but also be large enough to fit many people around it, as well as create a space for any activity. Therefore, because of this farmhouse dining tables became synonymous with practicality.

One misconception about farmhouse style dining tables is that they have to be large. Although this is their history, they don’t have to be; you can get different shaped and sized farmhouse dining tables to suit your space. Whether it’s a small kitchen space or an open plan kitchen and dining room, farmhouse dining tables can be made bespoke to suit your requirements.


Styles of Country and Farmhouse Dining Tables

There are many variations of the country and farmhouse style to suit every individual décor and personality. Below we have detailed a few of the popular variations if you’re looking to incorporate them into your farmhouse dining table design.

  • Shabby Chic Farmhouse Tables - Shabby chic farmhouse dining tables is the combination of mixing and matching different elements to make a perfectly unperfect item. One of the easiest and simplest ways to create a shabby chic look for your farmhouse dining table is to mix and match dining table style with an opposing bench or chair style.
  • Rustic Kitchen Tables – The nature of the wood that we use here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is that it is authentically rustic. This means that many of our farmhouse dining tables naturally offer a rustic look and feel. However, to increase the rustic feel of your farmhouse dining table further, opt for clear coat steel legs, as well as one of our more rustic colour stains, such as whiskey or walnut.
  • Distressed Farmhouse Dining Tables – Because we use beautiful, reclaimed wood, each individual plank is filled with history. From cracks and scuffs to saw marks and hammer indents, our reclaimed wood has it all. However, we don’t shy away from these pre-loved markings, we embrace them. Our team of skilled craftspeople use a range of traditional skills and modern machinery to bring out the best of the reclaimed wood; perfect for creating that charming, distressed look for your farmhouse dining table.
  • Chunky Country & Farmhouse Dining Tables – As standard all of our dining tables are made from 1.5-2-inch-thick reclaimed wood, a great thickness for that chunky farmhouse look. However, if you’re looking for something extra chunky, we also offer a 3-inch Chunky Wooden Dining Table and Bench, that can be made bespoke to your exact requirements.
Country dining table

Benefits of Farmhouse Style Dining Tables

  1. Farmhouse tables are extremely sturdy

Made from solid wood, farmhouse tables are extremely sturdy and are built to last for years to come. This makes a farmhouse style table a great option for families, as well as those who use their dining table for everything and anything.  It also makes a farmhouse table a brilliant economical purchase as you’ll be reaping the rewards of the table many years after you’ve purchased it.

  1. Farmhouse tables can be painted

Unlike other material dining tables, such as glass or metal, wooden farmhouse dining tables can be painted to provide a fresh new look or just a simply spruce up. However, it’s important to remember that if you’re replacing existing paint, always sand the old paint off first and ensure that the surface is completely smooth before proceeding with the new colour to ensure a perfect finish.

  1. A farmhouse table doesn’t have to mean a large table

As previously mentioned, there is often a misconception that farmhouse tables have to be large. However, this is a point related to their history because of how farmhouse tables were once used. When used within modern homes, farmhouse dining tables can be any shape and size that you’d like; the farmhouse element simply refers to the style of table.

  1. You can re-stain an old farmhouse table

Similar to painting your farmhouse dining table, you can also re-stain your table. Whether you’re looking to give your table a refresh or you’d like it to match other wooden furniture in your home, re-staining your table is a great option. We’ve also written a helpful guide to stained wood furniture if you’re looking for some extra help and advice.

  1. You can use any seating you’d like with a Farmhouse Dining Table

One of the great benefits of the farmhouse style is that you can mix and match elements and it still looks fabulous. So when it comes to accessorising your wooden farmhouse dining table with seating, the world really is your oyster. Whether you like to stick within a particular style, such as modern, traditional, or industrial; or completely throughout the rule book with mix match chairs, any option will look good with a farmhouse dining table. Alternatively, another great option for farmhouse style tables is adding a bench or two for flexibility.


Why Choose a Farmhouse Dining Table from The Bespoke Carpentry Co.?

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we pride ourselves on making beautiful, reclaimed wood country and farmhouse style dining tables that don’t just look fabulous in your home, but also help the local economy.

  • We combine only the very best, high quality materials with skilled craftsmanship to create your bespoke farmhouse dining table.
  • All materials used in making your bespoke farmhouse dining table are from UK based companies.
  • All of our farmhouse dining tables, as well as all our other furniture ranges are handmade in our workshop in the heart of Dorset.
  • The legs for each of the dining tables are easily removed meaning the table can be simply maneuvered into any room or home.
  • Reclaimed wood furniture is a more environmentally friendly furniture option as it decreases the demand for newly sourced timber, helping to curb deforestation.
  • Even after you’ve purchased your new dining table, we offer exceptional customer service; with a satisfaction rate of over 99%.
  • We’re members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, meaning that you can expect only the highest quality craftsmanship in all of our work. We have been thoroughly vetted and inspected to become part of this long standing and reputable organisation.


If you’re looking for a farmhouse or country style dining table, The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is the company for you. The farmhouse and country style is ingrained in the nature of the reclaimed wood that we use. However, it is then amplified by your choice of leg and colour option, of which there are many to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small grey farmhouse dining table to add a chic look to a modern apartment, or a large oak farmhouse dining table for the dining room in a busy family home, we’ve got you covered.

At The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we have a great selection of country and farmhouse style dining tables, each of which are made to your exact dimensions, ensuring you have a table that perfectly fits your space. And for additional country style, each of our dining tables can be purchase with one or two matching benches to add to the relaxed dining vibe.Farmhouse table

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