Coffee Table Buying Guide: A Must-Have for Every Living Room

coffee table can really bring a room together. They are a staple to every lounge but with so many styles and sizes available it can be tough to know where to start.

Handmade wooden coffee tables stand out for having a timeless charm and visual appeal without compromising on durability. The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is home to rustic and chunky wooden coffee tables that are beautifully crafted with versatility and functionality in mind.

In this handy buying guide, we’ll be taking you through every factor you should consider when buying the perfect coffee table for your home.

Coffee Table

How High Or Big Does Your Coffee Table Need to Be

To ensure your coffee table perfectly fits your lounge or space, measure the height of your sofa and the chairs which will be placed around the table. There is no set rule on whether a coffee table should sit higher or lower, it depends on your preferences and mobility.

A higher table is better suited if you want to use the coffee table to place a laptop or books. A lower coffee table is more relaxed and preferred by people who want to use this piece of furniture to place food and drink.

You also need to consider which parts of the room the coffee table reaches. Do you want a small piece of furniture that is moved around or something that everyone can use in the room?

The height will also depend on if you want the table to include storage compartments. Coffee tables can be a great way to add discreet storage to a room, so choose a table that has drawers, a lift-up lid or a handy shelf underneath. 

If you need a coffee table that can be moved around the room with ease, invest in something smaller and simpler. 


What Shape or Style Of Coffee Table Is Best?

Selecting the ideal shape and style for a coffee table is a crucial decision that can significantly influence the aesthetics and functionality of your living space. With an array of options available, each with its own unique charm and purpose, finding the perfect coffee table requires careful consideration.

From enhancing visual appeal to maximising utility, the choice of a coffee table extends beyond mere furniture and becomes a reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle.

Rectangular Coffee Table

When it comes to coffee tables, a rectangular table is often regarded as the classic choice that effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of your living space. The artful symphony of its clean lines and right angles exudes a sense of sophistication that resonates with a wide array of interior design styles. To craft an aesthetically pleasing layout, especially when paired with a sofa, a cardinal rule is to position the rectangular coffee table at around half the length of the sofa. This well-proportioned arrangement not only fosters a sense of balance but also ensures a seamless integration of form and function, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing ensemble that exemplifies thoughtful design.Rectangular coffee table

Square Coffee Table

Square coffee tables possess a remarkable versatility as they effortlessly complement a variety of furniture pieces within your living room. Their clean and balanced lines not only exude a sense of timeless elegance but also harmonise beautifully with the aesthetic of rectangular tables, all the while consuming a more modest footprint within the room. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a cohesive and well-coordinated interior design that maximises both style and spatial efficiency.

square coffee table

Round Coffee Table

If space is at a premium, opting for round coffee tables can be a truly fantastic solution. Their circular design not only facilitates better traffic flow in compact living areas but also offers a stylish and functional focal point for your room's decor. By choosing a round coffee table, you're making a smart decision that combines both practicality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall ambience of your space while making the most of the limited room available.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse coffee tables are more than just functional pieces of furniture; they encapsulate a sense of rustic charm and timeless elegance. With their robust and sturdy designs, farmhouse coffee tables serve as captivating focal points within any living space, infusing a touch of heritage appeal. Their ability to seamlessly merge the old and the new makes them ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors. 
farmhouse coffee table

Industrial Style Coffee Tables

Industrial style coffee tables offer a distinct and captivating aesthetic that resonates with lovers of raw, urban design. Characterised by their robust materials, clean lines, and utilitarian appeal, these tables bring a touch of warehouse chic into any living space. The juxtaposition of metal and wood creates a unique visual dynamic that pays homage to the functional beauty of industrial settings. Whether placed in a loft apartment or a modern home, industrial coffee tables stand as both functional pieces and artistic statements, effortlessly merging form and function. 
Industrial style coffee table

Live Edge Style Coffee Tables

Live edge style coffee tables exude a captivating natural beauty that brings the outdoors into your interior space. These tables showcase the raw, organic edges of wood, preserving the tree's unique contours and imperfections. With an enchanting blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, live edge coffee tables become exquisite focal points in any room. The organic, unrefined edges against sleek, contemporary designs creates a harmonious balance that evokes a sense of timelessness. Whether placed in a cosy cottage or a contemporary loft, these tables tell a story of nature's artistry, offering a connection to the environment and a touch of individuality to your décor.

Live edge coffee table

Materials and Colours of Your Coffee Table

Selecting the appropriate wood for your coffee table plays a pivotal role in both its durability and visual allure. Coffee tables crafted from robust hardwoods such as walnut and oak are renowned for their resilience and enduring beauty. Whereas softwoods such as pine offer a more affordable option.

Balancing the aesthetic preferences with the practical aspects of wood selection is essential in ensuring your coffee table remains a captivating and long-lasting addition to your living space.

Light-toned furnishings can create a sense of spaciousness in smaller rooms, whereas their impact might diminish within larger living areas. Additionally, light coloured coffee tables can highlight stains more prominently. Conversely, dark-toned furniture exudes an air of sophistication and stands as a striking contrast against neutral-coloured walls.

Our collection of reclaimed wood coffee tables offers a wide spectrum of stains and finishes to choose from. Check out our colour guide to see the colour options available.


Consider Your Budget

Coffee tables can vary massively in price; influenced by factors such as size, materials, and quality. However, given the frequent usage they endure, coffee tables are susceptible to wear and tear; therefore, it may be worth considering investing in a high-quality coffee table to ensure it's longevity over the years. Wooden coffee tables offer a high durable option that will stand the test of time.


Match Your Furniture Throughout Your Home

Creating a harmonious and unified aesthetic across your living spaces becomes effortless when you choose to match your furniture throughout your home. By aligning the styles, colours, and designs of your furnishings, you can achieve a seamless and visually pleasing environment that exudes a sense of balance and cohesion.

This approach not only enhances the overall atmosphere but also imparts a sophisticated and thoughtfully curated feel to your interior design. Whether it's a cohesive blend of contemporary elegance or a consistent infusion of rustic charm, opting to match your furniture offers a surefire way to transform your spaces into a symphony of style and unity.

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. we offer a range of furniture styles making it easy for your to pair furniture from the same collection. 


How To Style Your Coffee Table

Mastering the art of styling your coffee table is the next exciting step after selecting the perfect fit for your home. Elevate your coffee table's presence by incorporating elements of varying heights – think vases, candlesticks, or decorative ornaments – each contributing to the ambiance of the room. Mind their placement, ensuring an unobstructed view and TV visibility.

Additionally, floral arrangements on the coffee table not only infuses a burst of colour but also adds vitality to the space. For a low-maintenance alternative, consider sculptural succulents.

Books and magazines are popular additions to coffee tables, uniting room tones and providing visual intrigue. Remember that odd numbers offer the most visually  pleasing arrangement. Keep in mind that any items introduced should leave ample space on the table's surface for essentials like laptops, snacks, or drinks.

How to style your coffee table

Handmade & Bespoke Coffee Tables at The Bespoke Carpentry Co.

At The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we take pride in offering a collection of exquisite handmade and bespoke coffee tables that exemplify craftsmanship and individuality. Our dedication to creating unique pieces means that each coffee table is meticulously crafted to meet the distinct preferences and specifications of our clients.

Whether you seek a modern minimalist design or a vintage-inspired masterpiece, our skilled artisans create bespoke handmade wooden coffee tables using only the best high quality reclaimed timber. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, our handmade and bespoke coffee tables stand as functional works of art, elevating the ambiance of your living space while reflecting your personal style.

Browse our range of coffee tables at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. today or alternatively get in touch to discuss your design ideas for a truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind coffee table.  

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