Add a rustic elegance to your indoor or outdoor space with live-edge furniture. All our live edge furniture offers a simple yet minimalist design, embracing the natural beauty of wood and leaving characteristics such as knots and cracks. Live edge designs help you bring the natural world into your home or outside area in the form of functional, attractive furniture.

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What is Live Edge Furniture?

Live edge furniture offers a rustic look with an unfinished edge to the woodwork. The outer periphery of this furniture collection has not been altered by hand tools or machinery. Rather than the sharp, clean lines associated with modern wooden furniture, live edge designs retain the natural beauty of the tree.

Live edge furniture has been in fashion since humans started making furniture. Originally, live edge products were a time and cost-effective way to craft functional, sturdy furniture that would last a lifetime.

Now, live edge furniture is a one-of-a-kind piece to enjoy either inside or outside your home. Live edge tables are one of the purest forms of rustic wooden furniture, showcasing the beautiful patterns and shapes of the tree to bring a natural rustic charm to your home.


Why Choose Live Edge Furniture For Your Home?

Stylistically, live edge furniture is unpretentious and is an alternative to the sleek lines and bright colours of modernism. These unique pieces are one-of-a-kinds because they are at one with the natural form of the timber.

With their warm hues and raw edges, live edge tables are at home in cottages, rustic interior design and country homes, however the styling options are endless. Live-edge furniture can blend in with a range of exterior and interior design styles; make a statement in a modern living room or create a welcoming space on a patio or in a garden.

Choose from coffee tables to bring a lounge together, useful side tables to slot between furniture, or stunning dining room tables to entertain friends and family.


How Many Designs of Live Edge Furniture Do The Bespoke Carpentry Co. Offer?

We know choosing a bespoke live edge design can be overwhelming, which is why we have created a selection of indoor and outdoor furniture. We offer a broad array of thicknesses, sizes and shapes from outdoor furniture to benches and side tables.

However, we also understand that our customers are looking for something unique. Inject some personality into our live edge furniture with our customisation options. The length and size of our live edge furniture pieces alongside the colour are bespoke to you.

All our furniture here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is crafted by hand. We use our years of experience to deliver expert craftsmanship and bespoke furniture designed to elevate your indoor living space, garden, decking or patio area. We use our artisan skills and creativity to craft a furniture piece as creative as you are.

Simply browse our range of living edge tables, choose the style you love and then choose your size and stain, and then we’ll get to work on your new handmade bespoke living edge furniture.

What Type of Wood is The Bespoke Carpentry Co. Outdoor Furniture Made From?

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co., our entire range of handmade furniture, including our live edge coffee tables and dining tables, are made from beautiful, reclaimed pine wood.

Our handcrafted living edge dining and coffee tables are produced with the utmost attention to detail and are produced using only the finest reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is a timber that has been repurposed from its original application, which we sustainably transform into bespoke furniture.


Complement Your Living Edge Table with Our Range of Bespoke Furniture

Here at The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we don’t just make stunning living edge tables. We also handcraft a range of other furniture styles including our rustic, farmhouse and industrial-style furniture

Browse our website today to see our full range of reclaimed wood furniture.

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