Simple Ways To Transform Your Home For Spring

As winter's chill dissipates and nature begins to stir with the promise of new life, it's the perfect time to breathe fresh energy into your living space. Whether you're an avid DIY-er or simply seeking easy changes, there are countless ways to infuse your surroundings with the essence of spring. From incorporating bursts of colour to embracing the beauty of nature indoors, stay tuned as we guide you through some simple yet effective strategies to transform your home this spring!

Brush Away the Winter Cobwebs with a Spring Clean

spring clean

There’s no way we could write this list without suggesting you carry out a good old spring clean!

December in particular is a very busy month for many of us, with countless social events, lots of Christmas shopping, and that strange week between Christmas and New Year where time doesn’t exist. It’s easy for the housework to get away from us, so when Spring finally rolls around, it’s a great idea to take some time to have a big clear out. You may stay on top of the hoovering or wiping down the surfaces or the laundry, but when’s the last time you cleaned the skirting boards or the back of that one kitchen cupboard?

Clean room by room, and don’t be afraid to spread it out over several days or even weeks - cleaning the whole house in one day can be exhausting and overwhelming.

cleaning your home for spring

The winter months are cold, which means we’re all bundled up indoors with the windows closed, and our homes can easily get stuffy throughout the winter when we’re not getting as much circulation through the rooms. Even something as simple as throwing open all the windows to let some air in will make a huge difference. 

Other easy spring cleaning tips include:

  • Cleaning your windows and mirrors
  • Mopping the floors and deep cleaning carpets
  • Organising and cleaning your kitchen cupboards or pantry
  • Scrubbing tiles and grout in your kitchen and bathroom
  • Clean the little things like light switches and door handles
  • Deep clean your kitchen appliances like your oven and fridge
  • Dust everything including your TV, shelves, and windowsills

Spring is also a perfect time to clean any wooden furniture you may have. Properly caring for and maintaining your wood furniture keeps it looking fantastic for longer, prolonging its lifespan so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Spring Cleaning Your Wood Furniture

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your solid wood furniture will ensure it looks beautiful for longer, preserving the charming aesthetic of the restored wood. Dust and dirt can build up on the surface, and if not properly removed, it can cause scratches. Reapplication of protective oils and waxes prevent the wood from drying out or cracking. This proper maintenance means you get the most from your investment, as well as making the most of this sustainable resource. It can also save you money on expensive repairs or restoration work later down the line!

Dust your solid wood furniture regularly with a soft, dry cloth to keep it free of dust and dirt on the surface. Less frequently, perform a deeper clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap: it’s important to avoid using any harsh chemicals, as these can damage the wood. For particularly stubborn dirt, gently use a soft brush. After cleaning, dry your solid wood furniture thoroughly to prevent any water damage.

After a deep clean, we recommend applying a hard wax oil. All of our furniture at The Bespoke Carpentry Co. is finished with this protective, water-repellent product, and we suggest this is reapplied at least every six months. This quick drying blend of natural oils and waxes offers exceptional durability, especially when followed by an application of a polishing wax.

Other ways of ensuring your solid wood furniture lasts as long as possible include:

  • The avoidance of direct sunlight or heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators where possible - these can cause the wood to warp
  • The use of coasters to prevent water stains from forming on the surface of the wood
  • Keeping your desk in a stable environment - wood expands and contracts based on the level of humidity or the temperature

Every few years, it’s a good idea to re-oil or re-wax your reclaimed wood desk entirely to keep the wood nourished and sealed. The original protective layer will naturally wear down as you use the desk, and you’ll find redoing this process will give your furniture a new lease of life. Check out our full range of reclaimed wood furniture maintenance kits for more information! If you haven’t done this for a while, consider adding this into 2024’s big spring clean!

Repaint a Wall - Or Add a Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

home with wooden furniture

Repainting a wall in your home is a quick way to totally transform your space for spring. If you have cushions or throws with coloured accents, painting a wall to match them will bring the whole room together, highlighting the colours in your soft furnishings. Opt for bright, fresh colours like green and yellow to have even more of an impact. New Year, new walls! 

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is another great alternative, especially if you’re renting your home. You can get a lot of interesting, quirky designs of peel-and-stick wallpaper which go up on the wall a lot easier than traditional wallpaper with paste. Instead of painting an entire wall or room, consider painting just the bottom half to add dimension and intrigue to your walls.

Rotate to Lighter Fabrics -  in Weight and Colour

spring clean your home

Winter is all about fleeces and furs, dark colours and heavy fabrics. And when it rolls around to spring, cosy blankets and thick duvets become out-of-place in the sunshine. An easy way to brighten up your home for springtime is to exchange your wintry fabrics for bright colours and lightweight textiles. 

Examples of fabrics you could replace in spring include:

  • Throws
  • Rugs
  • Bath mats
  • Tea towels
  • Oven gloves
  • Cushion covers
  • Curtains
  • Hand towels
  • Bath towels
  • Duvets
  • Duvet covers
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Sheets

Replacing every single one of these every spring will likely be a bit expensive, so consider having them on rotation with your winter fabrics each year and upgrading a select few each time. If you only have one set of year-round fabrics in your house at the moment, do the same thing, and switch out one or two fabrics in each room until you’ve got a whole set of bright, spring textiles.

lemon linen

Your go-to fabric for spring will likely be cotton, as it’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. Most duvet covers and sheets are made from cotton, though you may prefer fleece bedding in the winter (I certainly do). Fabrics such as muslin and waffle pique are also soft - as they’re made from cotton - but super lightweight, which means you can cuddle up a muslin throw on the sofa without overheating. Linen is another great choice for spring and summer, both for decorative fabrics like throws and cushion covers and practical elements like tea towels.

The colour scheme for your springtime fabrics is completely up to you - pick colours that make you happy and which fit with your existing decorations. Bright or light yellows, greens, oranges and pinks are all a fantastic choice, but you may prefer more neutral tones like cream. A dark, fur throw replaced with a light, cotton version can totally transform your home for spring.

Bring in Colourful Accents

colourful furniture

A bit of colour can go a long way in transforming your home for spring. You don’t need to go as far replacing your cream sofa with orange, but a new, bright rug or colourful vases can make a huge difference.


If you’re not keen on painting a wall, look for some colourful artwork to brighten up a room instead. You could even have a go at creating some art yourself in a fun, springtime activity with family or friends!

Declutter Everywhere - Even That Corner You’ve Been Avoiding

The turn of the season is the perfect time to declutter and reorganise. You may be digging out your summer clothes or trying to find a place to store your winter hats and warm coats. So since those boxes from the attic or the top of the wardrobe are down anyway, why not give them a sort out? You may stay on top of your dusting or hoovering throughout the year, but when was the last time you organised the storage under the bed? Can you remember the last time you wore that crop top? And how long has that pile of stuff in the corner been there?!

Focus on finding things you no longer need, such as clothes you haven’t worn for a few seasons, old bedding, or piles of old letters and forms. This will make it easier to organise the things you do need or want to keep. If there are any musty fabrics (clothes, bedding etc) which have been in storage for a while, be sure to give them a wash.

Donate and recycle whatever you can, or you can sell some items online or at a car boot sale to get a bit of cash (always welcome after Christmas). Try to be as strict with yourself as possible - chances are that if something has been in the attic for the last few years, you probably don’t need to keep it.


white bespoke furniture

The springtime decluttering process can also be a fantastic time to change how you store your things. Built-in storage solutions are a great way to hide things away without making them completely inaccessible, meaning you use them more. You may even be less likely to buy new things to replace stuff you forgot you had in the attic (out of sight, out of mind). 

Have a look around your house and see if there are any areas which could host some built-in storage, like an empty corner or a side table piled high with paperwork. If you rent your home, you may prefer to opt for something freestanding, which you can take with you if you move. Accessorise your storage with patterned boxes or dividers to make it uniquely yours, and to incorporate it into the rest of your decor - rather than hiding it behind closed doors.

Bring the Outside in With Plants and Flowers

Spring is a time when flowers bloom and buds begin to sprout upon the bare branches of winter once again. Plants are, therefore, a key component of the season, and a simple way to brighten up your home. 

Large, leafy plants such as monstera, elephant ear, and banana plants can fill an empty corner with life. Hanging and trailing plants like Spanish moss, String of Tears and ivy can bring another level of visual intrigue. A fresh bouquet of flowers also brings nature into your home, often with a burst of colour in tow. 

If you’re not one for looking after houseplants, consider a few artificial plants - you can get ones which are virtually identical to their living counterparts.

Change your Curtains to Let in More Light

Light has a huge impact on our rooms, as well as our moods. Now winter has passed, the days are getting longer, and we should take advantage of the increased sunlight!

However, curtains and blinds give us privacy in our homes - they aren’t just there to block out light in the early morning, which means you’re unlikely to want them open all the time, especially in your bedroom or bathroom. Come spring, consider switching out your heavy, dark curtains to something more light and airy, which allows light to stream in and fresh air to circulate when you have the windows open. All without your neighbours being able to see your every move!

Fitted blinds or shutters are another great way to brighten up your room, allowing you to control how much light you let in. Colourful or patterned curtains can act as a feature in their own right, which is perfect when the wall surrounding them feels particularly bare. 

Upcycle Something Which is Looking Dreary

Give your old chest of drawers or bedside table a new lease of life by upcycling them this spring. A lick of paint, some new handles and a change of legs can be all you need to feel like you’ve purchased a brand new piece of furniture.

You can get creative with your designs, using stencils or your artistic skills to create a piece of statement furniture. For an even bigger transformation, be bold with bright colours to make your upcycled furniture perfectly match the rest of your room.

Treat Yourself to a New Piece of Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Live Edge Dining Table

Replacing just one of your items of furniture this spring can totally transform a room, especially if the furniture acts as the centrepiece of the space. A new rustic wooden dining table can improve the ambience of your dining room, whilst a new wooden coffee table can brighten up your living room.

Lighter woods such as pine or ash, or with lighter, warm-toned stains like antique oak and whiskey, are perfect for spring, whilst also bringing a warm, Scandinavian feel to your home in the winter. 

Transform your home this spring with bespoke reclaimed wood furniture

At The Bespoke Carpentry Co., we use hand-selected, genuine reclaimed wood, with every single one of our pieces lovingly crafted to be entirely unique. Our experienced carpenters take the history-immersed timber and rework it into stunning handcrafted dining tables, completely tailored to your requirements; providing you with pieces which fit right into your home for you to enjoy for years to come.

To get started, check out our range of solid wood furniture. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01305 849386 or filling out our contact form to discuss your new furniture!

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