Why Buy Handmade Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood?

Handmade reclaimed wood furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s known not only for its visual appeal, but also its quality and durability. That could be a surprising fact for many people, however, it shouldn’t be. Handmade furniture made from reclaimed wood offers a wealth of benefits.

It’s an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional furniture materials and boasts multiple other benefits. For people looking to buy some new furniture with a twist, reclaimed wood handmade furniture is an appealing option for multiple reasons.


What Is Reclaimed Wood?

If you’re unsure about what reclaimed wood is, then it’s worth diving into it. In short, it’s wood with a history. It may have been used to create something before, such as another piece of furniture. It could’ve been used to create part of a piano, or even part of a building. The reclaimed wood is then reused to create something else, such as handmade furniture.

It’s then treated, cut, and sanded, to ensure it can be reused again. As a result of this process, the wood is as high-quality as it was when it was first used.

For more information on reclaimed wood check out our ‘What is Reclaimed Wood’ Guide.


What Are The Benefits of Handmade Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood?

Handmade furniture made from reclaimed wood offers more benefits than many consumers may be aware of. There’s a reason it’s becoming increasingly popular, after all.

The more notable of these include:

  • Rustic Sophistication: Reclaimed wood offers a bit of rustic sophistication when used to create furniture. The visual appeal alone is why many people choose to invest in handmade reclaimed wood furniture.
  • Charm & Character: Similar to its rustic sophistication, reclaimed wood can add charm and character to a room. When handmade, that’s especially true. It’s a piece of furniture that comes with a story and can add to the overall feel of a room.
  • Hard-Wearing: Wood is typically known for being hard-wearing; it can put up with a lot of wear and tear. Its reclaimed counterpart has this quality too and can actually be more resistant to wear and tear after it has been restored and treated.
  • Long-Lasting: Reclaimed wood is typically seasoned wood. This makes it much more durable than many people would think. Alongside putting up with the typical wear and tear, seasoned wood is sturdier; offering a long-lasting, robust and durable piece of furniture.
  • Affordable: Buying handmade furniture made from reclaimed wood can be more affordable than many people assume. When compared to similar materials, the cost-effectiveness of handmade furniture made from reclaimed wood becomes increasingly more evident.

Reclaimed wood offers a superb material for making handmade furniture. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Handmade furniture made from reclaimed wood is also environmentally friendly.

Handmade furniture

Handmade Furniture that is Environmentally Friendly

Consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious with their purchasing decisions. As mentioned above, reclaimed wood is a great option if you’re looking for environmentally friendly furniture.

  • Protecting Ecosystems: By using reclaimed wood, fewer trees need to be cut down, which protects natural ecosystems.
  • Reducing Landfills: Unwanted wood from multiple sources are routinely thrown out and end up in landfills. By reclaiming it and reusing it, less waste is being added to landfill.


Why Buy Handmade Reclaimed Wood Furniture From The Bespoke Carpentry Co.?

The use of reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in the construction of handmade furniture. Not only because of its hardwearing, durable and robust properties, but its ability to instil charm and character into any piece of furniture. Then add on its environmentally friendly characteristic and there is no surprise that reclaimed wood furniture is a popular choice for so many.

Then pair our outstanding handmade reclaimed wood furniture with our unrivalled customer service and customisability and there really is no one better to purchase your handmade furniture from. You can browse our full range of handmade reclaimed wood furniture through our online store today. Or if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our upmost to make it a reality for you.


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